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Why Our Heaters are Better than Propane?

The BedBug Chasers team explains why our bed bug heaters are designed to be safer than propane, more effective and efficient in achieving the correct temperature necessary to kill NJ bed bugs.

Reasons why killing NJ bed bugs with Propane is Bad:

  • Propane heaters cannot be safely controlled with an open flame source
  • Propane deposits a colossal amount of carbon dioxide into your home, making it completely unsafe for you and your family to be in.
  • All combustion is incomplete exhausting large amounts of carbon monoxide into your house.
  • Propane has been blamed for multiple house fires.
  • Propane also releases an astronomical amount of carbon monoxide into your home as a result of incomplete combustion.
  • Numerous house fires have been caused by propane.
  • Propane extermination meets a small amount of fire codes, and using it can ultimately result in substantial fines and possible loss of home owner’s insurance.
  • Propane can’t be used in homes or apartments higher than 3 stories
  • You can’t use propane heaters indoors, not enough oxygen is present to safely do so.
  • Propane heat isn’t evenly distributed in every room, only centrally, and fans only move small amounts of heat to each room, ultimately causing hot and cold spots.
  • When room temperatures are uneven, NJ bed bugs seek shelter in cooler areas.
  • Propane heaters must be hotter than electric heaters to deliver bed bug killing temperatures.
  • Propane heat in the entry room is going to be too hot to send bed bug killing temperatures throughout the house, potentially causing damage in the entry room.

Unlike propane-based systems which have been directly responsible for numerous fires, convective heat is the most effective way to eliminate bed bug populations.

Why using the BedBug Chasers Heaters is the Best Way:

  • One NJ Bed Bugs heat treatment is all you need
  • Homes can be treated in a single day
  • No need to remove your personal belongings
  • No need to wash your clothing, linens and bedding
  • You can return to your home immediately
  • No dangerous chemicals or residue
  • Furniture is completely treated because heat penetrates thoroughly
  • Heat penetrates bed and box springs killing all stages of bed bugs
  • Heat penetrates walls and other hard to reach areas of your home
  • Heat penetrates boxes and storage cartons
  • Heat permeates through books, magazines, pictures, paperwork and other personal items where bed bugs hide
  • Heat also kills many other insects in your home
  • By far, the least expensive and most effective method of treatment

The BedBug Chasers convective heat system is the safest, most thorough and fastest way to kill NJ bed bugs. Our bed bug heaters system is able to heat a larger area in a quicker amount of time than other heat systems.

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