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 FAQ NJ Bed Bug Heat Treatment

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NJ Bed Bug Heat Treatment

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Will your trucks, equipment or uniforms have pictures of bed bugs or will it say bed bugs anywhere?

No.  All of our equipment and vehicles are unmarked so there will never be any reason for anyone to suspect that we are performing a NJ Bed Bug Heat Treatment Process.  In addition, while all of our technicians carry identification showing that they are certified BedBug Chasers, our uniforms bear no markings of who we are or what we will be doing in your property.

What type of heat will you be using in my home?

We only use 100% safe dry electric heaters with microprocessor technology that ensure uniform temperatures sufficient to terminate all stages of bed bugs, but NJ Bed Bug Heat Treatment Process will not cause any damage to your personal property.  Be cautious of open flame propane heaters that can produce dangerously high temperatures, lethal gases and are potential fire hazards.

How long is it going to take to heat my home?

Our motto is “One & Done” for One Day of Treatment and your Done with Bed Bugs. The amount actual of time spent performing the NJ Bed Bug Heat Treatment Process will depend upon the size of your home, but we pride ourselves on the fact that no matter how large your home is, we can complete the treatment in the same day.  Our patented technology, which combines the perfect combination of heat and air-flow, turns your home into a supercharged convection oven, significantly reducing the time it takes to heat your home and kill all stages of bed bugs.  You can be confident then when you return home from school or work your home will be bed bug free.

Can you heat my entire home at the same time?

Yes.  As the manufacturer of the BedBug Chaser heater, we have access to millions of BTU’s of heat at our disposal.  So whether you have a 200 square foot apartment or a 20,000 square foot home, be assured that we have enough heat to complete your NJ Bed Bug Heat Treatment Process effectively all within one day “One & Done”. This is critical for a bed bug heat treatment to be successful because insufficient heat means certain areas of your home can cool, allowing bed bugs to escape the heat and re-enter previously treated areas.

Will you use any of the electricity from my home?

No. The BedBug Chaser heater is the only heater on the market that is solely powered by an external generator and includes two GFI outlets that power auxiliary fans.  Unlike our competitors which have to rely upon your home’s electric to power their equipment, our bed bug heat treatment system is a self contained single source system, you can be assured that you will never be surprised to find a $500 electric bill the month after we finish your treatment.

Do I have to prep my property before you can treat?

One of the biggest benefits of using heat to treat for bed bugs is the minimal preparation that is necessary.  You will be provided with a preparation sheet identifying what needs to be done before we arrive and what items should be removed.

Are my TV’s, computers and other electronics safe in the heat?

Yes, all of your electronics will be safe during our NJ bed bug heat treatment.  You will need to unplug all of the smaller appliances and for some larger items such as a digital oven or digital refrigerator, turning off the circuit breaker may be easier than moving the units. Our BedBug Chasers Dry heat method is so safe for electronics that we are able to perform bed bug heat treatments in airplanes as well!

Is there anything I need to remove from my property before the treatment?

You should remove firearms, ammunition, medication, aerosol or pressurized cans of any kind (deodorant, hairspray, spray paint, etc.), fuel, paint thinners, turpentine and all other combustible products, candles, deodorant, lip balm, make-up and other items prone to melting. As a rule of thumb, any item that would be damaged or melt if left on the dashboard of a closed car in the summer should be removed from the premises or protected from the heat treatment.  You will be provided with a complete list of items as part of the preparation process.

Will you be opening my furniture drawers and doors?

Yes, we will be opening every draw and door of your furniture and cabinets to ensure that the heat permeates every inch of your contents. You can be assured that every space within your home as well as your contents will reach critical temperature, which is sufficient to kill all stages of bed bugs, including nymphs and eggs.

Will you move any of my furniture?

Yes, during the course of the bed bug heat treatment we will be adjusting your mattresses and box springs, relocating cushions and pillows and in some instances repositioning chairs and sofas to maximize the convective heating process throughout your home.  At the conclusion of treatment, we will return all of your furniture and contents back to their original position.

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