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BedBug Chasers the Bed Bug Heat Treatment Experts are NOW Your NJ ROACH EXPERTS too!

BedBug Chasers (BBC) – the MOST TRUSTED SYSTEM for KILLING BED BUGS introduces RoachGuard YOUR MOST TRUSTED SYSTEM to KILL Roaches in New Jersey!


We INVENTED the “ONE & DONE” BED BUG HEAT TREATMENT process and NOW we’ve invented RoachGuard the “ONE & DONE” Roach Treatment in NJ!


RoachGuard is a “ONE & DONE” Roach Treatment
(ONE Roach Treatment – DONE in ONE Day)
No need to throw anything out!
KILLS all stages of Roaches!
NO Roach PREP!
Plain and simple:

RoachGuard – A Hybrid of Thermal and Synthetic Roach Control

At BBC we understand that the Natural Order for insects is to stay outdoors. Man has altered that Natural Order by building safe havens for insects to congregate in and multiple – we know them as restaurants, grocery stores and hotels among other names. RoachGuard uses the thermal mortality of the targeted roach species with a roach specific synthetic residual to prevent re-infestation and is an exclusive product of BedBug Chasers.

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We became the Bed Bug industry leaders because the killing of bed bugs had been our single focus since the day we opened our doors and has been until now. Our customers have demanded that we tackle other nuisances for them other than just bed bugs. BUT at BedBug Chasers we just don’t jump into new things without years of research and testing and now that we are confident in our findings –

The Time has come to eliminate a disgusting disease spreading nuisance – the Cockroach! With our RoachGuard “ONE & DONE” process we are on our way to becoming the industry leaders in getting rid of Roaches!

All living organisms (Insects, Mammals, Pathogens, and Bacteria) have a Thermal Mortality Threshold, meaning if you make it hot enough they will die. RoachGuard uses our proprietary ISO 9001 Certified heating equipment that has been validated over many years killing insects and pathogens. We heat the space or structure to a temperature that the targeted roach species cannot survive in – your space is then roach free!


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RoachGuard NJ Kill Roaches in One Day

To keep you roach free after we have conducted our systematic thermal roach genocide it’s time to Restore the Natural Order keeping roaches outdoors again, where they belong to prevent a re-infestation. Adhering to strict Green IPM (Integrated Pest Management) principles is only one way BBC serves its Residential, Institutional, Commercial and Business customers by using as few pesticides as possible. Instead, we create Perimeter Barriers using lower impact synthetics like Gels and Active Baiting Technologies instead of just spraying pesticides. Once all the roaches are gone it is much easier to keep them out again with a solid IPM approach of:

  • Monitoring
  • Educating
  • Communicating
  • Integrating Controls
  • Thresholds
  • Evaluation

Your Privacy Matters to Us!

Unlike typical pest control professionals who rely on traditional marketing methods and word-of-mouth advertising, BBC’s marketing model allows us to place your privacy first. When our team arrives they are in unbranded vehicles with our equipment and our uniforms display no logos—we don’t even carry business cards! We are experts in discretion—your neighbors and customers will never know why we’re there unless you want them too.

Unlike chemical only treatments, which require multiple applications to just knockdown the roach population, the BBC RoachGuard treatment is the only non-toxic, eco-friendly solution that kills cockroaches and eggs with one application. Preparation is also minimal, which means you can leave all of your clothes, personal belongings or commercial equipment in place during our visit. After the treatment for roaches, we’ll apply residual chemicals to prevent new roaches from entering and will design a maintenance program for you that will keep you roach free! We’ll also provide you with a certified report so you can be confident that critical temperature was achieved throughout your home, apartment building, office space or any other structure to achieve optimal roach kill.

Have us treat your home or business today and by tonight, it will be cockroach free and you can return to a peaceful night sleep – WE GUARANTEE IT!

Using a blend of Thermal and Synthetic products to achieve a balance between Man, Insect and Rodent – some companies call that “Green”, we prefer to call that an Investment in All of Our Futures.

At BedBug Chasers our philosophy is simple; use 21st century technology today so our children and grandchildren can enjoy an environmentally safe tomorrow.